The Next Level Pulled Danny Glover’s Lethal Weapon Callback


Well this sounds hilarious! In a few moments between Kevin Hart and D.J (Dwayne Johnson), the comedian brought back an iconic Lethal Weapon line that would certainly have had fans of the buddy cop movie busting up laughing. These moments were in many edits of the movie, but ultimately were cut from the theatrical release. Here’s why, per what the producers of Jumanji: The Next Level told CinemaBlend:

Makes sense! Jumanji: The Next Level is already a sequel to a reboot of another franchise. To also pull from Danny Glover’s Murtaugh may have felt like a step too far. The producers wanted to allow The Next Level to carve out its own laughs without having to relying on other franchises. As Hiram Garcia also touches upon, much of the audience who will be going out to see the new Jumanji may not have been introduced to the R-rated 1987 action flick just yet.

It is a bummer for Lethal Weapon fans to hear! It would have been hilarious to hear Kevin Hart say with his Danny Glover impression. Even so, it’s exciting to have Glover and Danny DeVito playing roles in the film, along with the return of Jack Black and Karen Gillan’s game avatars. Jumanji: The Next Level also stars Nick Jonas once again, with the addition of Crazy Rich Asians’ Awkwafina as a character named Ming.

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